A complete transformation of a space is possible thanks to creativity and the appropriate use of textiles.

Cotlin is well aware of this. He has been working closely with decorators for years, witnessing how carpets, rugs and upholstery are responsible for adding character and life to projects. The company, an expert in this field, quickly realised that its role was crucial in the interior design sector, becoming a reliable partner in residential and contract projects.


Experienced in the product and obsessed with offering a good service.

Cotlin began its journey focused on the commercial activity by representing carpet, rug and textile firms in Spain. He had a good mentor, as the founder’s father introduced him to the sector, passing on his knowledge of the product, as well as his passion for providing a good service.

In a short time, his catalogue expanded and always up to date with the latest trends. His strength, customisation and tailor-made solutions in record time has made him worthy of working side by side with the main specifiers of high decoration in Spain.


Cotlin can boast of being a leading company in the residential and contract market.

Today, with showrooms in Barcelona and Madrid and after more than 30 years of experience, Cotlin can boast of being a leading company in the residential and contract market. Not surprisingly, its name – a combination of the words “Cotton and Linen” – evokes the world of fibres, which it is so familiar with.


We advise and assist you in choosing the best textile solution for each project.


We want to be your trusted partner, a leading reference in the floor decoration sector.


Service, commitment and quality are our driving force.